This is just to say that I went to 3 craft-type stores that all purportedly sold beads (okay, some of them actually sold some some beads but that is not the point of this story) along with two knitting stores that were just in the neighborhood (and I only bought yarn at one of them!  go me!) and was unable to find 8/0 or 6/0 or really ANYTHING USEFUL at any of these locations.  Brooklyn, you have failed to meet my crafting needs!  How could you?

Here is basically what I did:

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For some reason all of my tediously-placed lines have decided to become a triangle instead of staying put on the roads, but imagine that rather than traveling as the crow flies, I instead walked to all of those waypoints in a vaguely sensible manner, overshooting to the north on Smith Street because the street fair was amusing me but also with several stops to attempt to deal with the completely ludicrous heat and humidity in various ways (more successful techniques involved taking off my overshirt, braiding my hair and tying it with a bit of yarn, and breaking down and buying a hair thing with a hippo on it from a stall which I actually like quite a lot).  I found a new yarn store (only 6 months old!) and it seems like a charming little place with a built-in wine/coffee bar (La Casita, for the record). There I was tempted mightily with lovely yarn that IS lace (mind-blowing) but is not yet available, so I left my email so I can go snatch something up and make something aggressively girly and ruffled with it, and then try to figure out how to wear such a thing.  One thing I’d really like to do is have a yarn crawl through Brooklyn before I leave town, maybe loading my car full of knitters if the subways don’t cooperate.

But the point of this post has not been reached! (Oh dear, writing notes in charts has thoroughly ingrained a habit of writing passively. “The patient has been put on mood stabilizers.” “Group and individual therapy have been encouraged.” This is because I can’t quite bring myself to refer to myself as “the writer” in notes, which seems to be in vogue among the staff in the rotation I just finished. Guess what setting that was!) Anyway, what I sat down to write is an extensive diatribe on how I was unable to get seed beads. But, well, I actually had a rather grand time not getting seed beads. And, well, I’ve still got the Internet. It’s right here. And it’s FULL OF BEADS!

(Also note how I cleverly didn’t mention all the yarn I bought at Brooklyn General. This way no one can chastise me for buying too much yarn.)

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