This post is to announce that I fixed the dumb little setting that broke this blog over a year ago (I switched hosts in a fit of disgust with GoDaddy and, well, I was a month or two into my first real job and… yeah).

Some knitting things!

  • I knitted at least several things since we last spoke. I promise. I haven’t been abducted by aliens and replaced by a Pod Lisa. I just didn’t have a blog going so I posted them to twitter or entirely didn’t take a picture at all THE HORROR.
  • I knit 4 of the same item, a new record. I managed to rather dull the exitement, though, by losing #2 before casting on for #4, and I still dearly miss my madelinetosh tosh DK (is that how they intend you to write out their yarns? seems repetitive) Windschief. The other 3 are for people who aren’t me, so this is a tragedy of near-unprecedented proportions. This disaster is in no way diminished by the fact that I knitted the thing during one supremely lazy and simultaneously productive Sunday.
  • I’m on a weird, self-imposed project to read all of The Yarn Harlot’s blogs from day one. Somehow I was inspired by her anniversary post. I think I might be kind of crazy.

Okay, let’s see what pictures I can turn up by going through my twitter photo history.

Icelandic yarn bundle from Schoolhouse Press

Okay that picture is absolutely huge but I am not going to do something silly like allowing enormous pictures to stop my “blogging on a roll-ness” which is a phrase that I am pretty sure the Coke Zero made me invent. The story of the yarn bundle involves a lot of reading comprehension issues and the fact that I have two others of similar size is totally not my fault. I blame reading comprehension and the fact that colors look different on the Internet. Anyone want to knit sweaters with me? Like, multiple for each of us?


Kate Davies' Donegal gloves which are the sort of very standard no-frills pattern that I needed.

Oh god they’re all going to be huge. FORGING AHEAD! No time for links; I’m sure all of the patterns are available on Ravelry anyway and I must continue with my MAD BLOGGING EXPERIMENT.

Looks like I gave away Windshief #3 with only a picture of the ribbing. Good job, me!

Looks like I’ll have to stalk my knitting to its new owner. This is knit with madtosh sock held double because I’m a crazy person and NEEDED THAT COLOR. THAT EXACT ONE. I also have a fixation on madelinetosh at the moment permanently.

The lost Windschief :(

How beautiful was this hat? It was SO BEAUTIFUL. I hope whoever has it now is really enjoying it. I called the restaurant I probably had it in last. No dice. No way to get in touch with the cab driver after…

The first Windshief, knitted for my boyfriend, which started this whole knitting jag. Yes, also madelinetosh WHO'S KEEPING TRACK?! And can you blame me, really?

I knitted the above two FROM STASH like someone who doesn’t buy more yarn than is clinically advisable.

In the process of an attempt at the Lopapeysa I've really wanted to make, I (1) determined my back-and-forth gauge is MUCH LOOSER than my in-the-round gauge. Also, the two greys I ordered were too similar to show the pattern. NOT ENOUGH CONTRAST. This set off a quest to knit more loosely.

I’m going backwards in time with these photos because that’s easiest. I’ve since learned to knit continental/yarn-in-left-hand and loosened up my overall knitting. I no longer do an extra little gratuitous tug on each and every stitch. Not only is that uncalled-for, it is  BAD FOR MY KNITTING. And prevents making sweaters that I really, really, REALLY want. Turns out that I’ll fix any knitting thing for an item that I want that badly.

This is how big those bundles are. Yeah.

Maybe I’ll knit some kind of super bulky blanket with the yarn held quadruple or something super normal like that. This hobby sure makes people do super normal things. Normal.

Peerie Flooers

I almost forgot about this hat, somehow. This is an amazing hat. Peerie Flooers, Kate Davies. I want to make mitts for it.

I don’t want mittens, though, so the above fingerless-glove thing was an experiment into making fingerless gloves to learn how to make more pretty fingerless gloves and also because it has been COLD in San Francisco (yes, this means I am weak and no longer allowed to consider myself an East Coaster at heart, I think). I really want to do the gloves with the two-color corrugated ribbing on each finger, which probably means that I hate myself and secretly want punishment.


More of the same

In which I try to make a pretty face instead of a silly one!

Proof that I weaved in the ends instead of just hiding them and hoping they don’t slip out, which, I will tell you, was EXTREMELY TEMPTING:

One of my self-imposed knitting tasks is to learn to love knitting socks because I really, really, really like to wear hand-knitted socks. I haven't touched this sock in weeks, naturally.

Gyllis, Stephen West. Lots of progress during Jury Duty. Actually finished this one, too. I do finish knitting from time to time!

Picture of it finished though? HAH. That’d take foresight.

As we travel BAAAACKWAARDDSSS IN TIMEEE (eerie voice) we discover — terrifying — the pre-woven-in-ends state of that hat (avert your eyes):

See? Understand my temptation?

Okay, that is as far back as Twitter’s memory goes. I’ll poke through photos on my phone for the next one or, what? Maybe generate new content? Speak in depth about something I’m currently working on? Resurrect some long-abandoned projects from the terror that my yarn closet has managed to become in the less-than-a-year I’ve been living in my current apartment? Who knows. I’m going to go with the “start typing and see where it goes” method for (theoretically) reliably producing posts.

Also, It’s 5:30, not 8:30. Dunno how to get this thing on California time.

This is just to say that I went to 3 craft-type stores that all purportedly sold beads (okay, some of them actually sold some some beads but that is not the point of this story) along with two knitting stores that were just in the neighborhood (and I only bought yarn at one of them!  go me!) and was unable to find 8/0 or 6/0 or really ANYTHING USEFUL at any of these locations.  Brooklyn, you have failed to meet my crafting needs!  How could you?

Here is basically what I did:

View Craft Journey in a larger map

For some reason all of my tediously-placed lines have decided to become a triangle instead of staying put on the roads, but imagine that rather than traveling as the crow flies, I instead walked to all of those waypoints in a vaguely sensible manner, overshooting to the north on Smith Street because the street fair was amusing me but also with several stops to attempt to deal with the completely ludicrous heat and humidity in various ways (more successful techniques involved taking off my overshirt, braiding my hair and tying it with a bit of yarn, and breaking down and buying a hair thing with a hippo on it from a stall which I actually like quite a lot).  I found a new yarn store (only 6 months old!) and it seems like a charming little place with a built-in wine/coffee bar (La Casita, for the record). There I was tempted mightily with lovely yarn that IS lace (mind-blowing) but is not yet available, so I left my email so I can go snatch something up and make something aggressively girly and ruffled with it, and then try to figure out how to wear such a thing.  One thing I’d really like to do is have a yarn crawl through Brooklyn before I leave town, maybe loading my car full of knitters if the subways don’t cooperate.

But the point of this post has not been reached! (Oh dear, writing notes in charts has thoroughly ingrained a habit of writing passively. “The patient has been put on mood stabilizers.” “Group and individual therapy have been encouraged.” This is because I can’t quite bring myself to refer to myself as “the writer” in notes, which seems to be in vogue among the staff in the rotation I just finished. Guess what setting that was!) Anyway, what I sat down to write is an extensive diatribe on how I was unable to get seed beads. But, well, I actually had a rather grand time not getting seed beads. And, well, I’ve still got the Internet. It’s right here. And it’s FULL OF BEADS!

(Also note how I cleverly didn’t mention all the yarn I bought at Brooklyn General. This way no one can chastise me for buying too much yarn.)

Koigu KPM in several colors

So as my prevous post hinted, I’ve been working on a giant granny square.  I picked up this project from Joelle’s Giant Granny Square at The Purl Bee; I used their Granny Square Tutorial and Crochet Basics Tutorial to figure out to do it (with generous help from a lovely friend who works at Purl Soho, actually delivered the yarn when I needed it and some cheering up, and is generally awesome).  I’m using Koigu Premium Merino (link to Purl) a.k.a. KPM (link to Ravelry).  Having gotten some link soup out of the way, it’s time to talk about how awesome and exciting this project is.

More of Koigu KPM

First of all, it’s my first successful atttempt at learning to crochet!  I bought a book a while back and attempted to learn at Jewish supplementary summer camp even longer ago (I believe I made most of a yarmulke before getting to a part where I was supposed to use a contrasting color to spell out a name or the like and proceeded to get bored and give up) but I never managed to get quite interested enough to keep up with it.  The endless color palate of KPM and the soothing, repetitive nature of this project called to me, so I asked the aformentioned friend if she could possibly pick out a cheerful palate for me and the results were stunning. (See above pictures for how enthralled I was and am!)

3 granny square rounds

It was just a baby...

Several more rounds of granny square

You might note that it's over some schoolwork. Yeah, that's how I roll.

Of course, the first batch was not nearly enough for the full splendor one of these giant squares, and I had to return to the store for more.  It’s a special, giddy kind of fun to line up all the colors I have already and all of the colors I’m considering and sort them out to different spots and and find that perfect progression that just satisfied my color sense in exactly the right way.  It’s a different, slower type of enjoyment to see the colors layering onto each other as I crochet them on.

Koigu KPM in many colors plus my granny square at the time.

"...and you're ALL coming home with me!"

(I may have picked two more.  Um.  And I’m waiting on purples to be stocked.)

Another angle of the Koigu KPM.

I just had to get one of those blog-classic low angle faux-photographer shots. The colors told me to.

I also had what may be a first on this project; I didn’t like the way a color order was coming out so I just ripped an entire round and started over.  I didn’t have one of those emotional “THIS PROJECT IS CRAP I GIVE UP LET’S THROW IT INTO A CORNER SHALL WE” moments or anything like that.  I just pulled it out, wound it up nicely, and took some pictures to comemorate the moment.  Then I crocheted the next round.

Granny square with rewound pink color that just wasn't working there.

I thought repeating that pink would work for the next round, but the number of pinkish rounds was just too much for that spot. Off it came!

I’m starting to feel like I’m perhaps compelled to type out this much content becuase I feel awkward about putting in too many pictures without some intermediate filler.  Well, um, phooey to that.  This is a pictures post.  So there.  And if you suspect that maybe I had a little too much fun with iPhoto, well, phooey to that, too.   There’s no such thing as too much fun editing photos.  So there.

Granny square folded up into a triangle

Folded up into quarters. Looks almost edible?

A "process shot" of the granny square on my couch.

Mmm, orange rounds.

I feel a bit like a real Olympian this week: I’ve been doing emergency medicine while I have a cold at all sorts of crazy hours of the night and trying to get my knitting done while i’m at it. It’s going really, really, surprisingly well so far, but I’m about to go into a bit of a marathon in which I’m going to be on rotation from 3pm-11pm tonight, home from about midnight to 7 AM, off to lectures tomorrow morning, free from 11 AM until 3 PM (home? nap/secret knitting in the library?), and then another 3pm-11 pm shift. It’s not really that many hours of working (19 hours over the course of two days) but the timing makes it impossible to get enough sleep and leaves me with an awkward gap in the middle of the day tomorrow.

WELL, there’s no reason I shouldn’t go into this with an Olympian spirit: I can do this and I can enjoy it and learn from it. I can take a power nap to gain more from my lecture, as recently reported all over the news in a link I don’t have time to add. I can bring my knitting for those awkward gaps or come home and take a short nap if I really need it. And the hard part of the schedule will be over in less than 36 hours, anyway, and I’ll have some time to catch up on sleep, then. And I’ll blog in the spare moments that I should be packing up for school and eating something, too.

My newest knitting malady is wanting to knit everything I see anyone wearing around.  Braided-cable-hat?  Ooh, I bet I could knit that!  I should cast on!  Striped sweater hung inside-out on the coat rack hanging from the door of our office?  Hmm, how is that seamed?  It only looks like a sixe XXXL, I bet I could make that in, um, a few…months?

It doesn’t take too long before I’m completely overwhelmed and NEVER GOING TO KNIT A STITCH AGAIN BECAUSE I CAN’T KNIT EVERYTHING.  Why can’t I afford a knitting machine (which I’m not sure I even really want in my saner times, since really, I knit because I like to knit)?  Why don’t I have two extra pairs of arms so I can knit and study and eat dinner all at the same time?  Why don’t I have infinite free time so I can knit everything this season now now now? (Never mind the fact that if I had a lot of free time my projects would probably stall even harder.)

I think what I really want is to finish a few projects so I can feel like I’ve gotten something done, but I’m also resisting finishing projects for some reason (possibly related to the hated WEAVING IN OF THE ENDS).  Really, a half hour of work would create a finished scarf and hat.  I could get so many brownie points towards ending the yarn diet!

So my goal for tonight is to work on something more finishable-in-the-short-term than the Girasole, as much as I love the Girasole.  The Girasole w0n’t be finished tonight and it won’t be finished until I order more of those foam blocking pads because it is going to be way, way, way, (and did I say WAY?) too large for my current ones.  So, tonight: scarf or hat.  Then tomorrow I’ll take pictures for the blog if the sun cooperates.  There.  And I’ll wind the yarn for David’s scarf so he can stop having blue fuzz on his neck from his old one.  And I’ll probably watch more of the world’s stupidest TV fantasy series and not feel guilty becuase dammit, I’m getting knitting done!

Note: There are no comments on this entry because for some reason it was attracting a hideous amount of canned ham product (I’m superstitious about  even naming it here).  Comment on another one if you have something to say for some reason. :)

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