That’s right, guys, I’m participating in the Knitting Olympics. Tonight, David and I watched the open ceremonies as I cast on 555 stitches for his Cerus scarf (I’m scaling up the length a bit and compensating for finer yarn) and knit the first row.

Knitting a scarf lengthwise is weird, guys. finishing each row is an epic challenge. The scarf I just completed was done with bulky yarn and despite the ends-weaving-in nightmare, went very quickly.

the apparently miniscule amount of work I completed on the Cerus scarf tonight

555 stitches cast on plus one row = 1110 stitches. Where did they go? (Also, apologies for the webcam shot. It's not take-out-the-camera o'clock.)

So it’s official: I’m crazy. I’m going to be working all sorts of hours this upcoming week, I have one day fully off out of 7, the next weeks are no better… and I’m going to try to put thousands upon thousands of stitches into a fancy scarf for my boyfriend (perhaps I tempt fate, but it’s not a sweater).

I think that this is what the Knitting Olympics is really about.  It’s about pushing your limits in knitting and setting a challenge that really maybe shouldn’t be reachable, but showing that knitting is actually important enough to make it work.  (What?  Don’t look at me like that.  I am so very much not watching Project Runway as I type this post.  That would be silly.)

This is going to happen, though, everyone.  There’s no reason I can’t knit while studying.  I spent a stupid amount of money on a set of board review videos that I haven’t really used and should start using.  I can bribe myself with knitting to sit through watching them (or listening to them, since the set came with MP3s of all of the videos).  Getting “just one more row” done will be a lot more productive than usual, given the crazy length of the rows.  I’ll spend less time fiddling around on the internet and more time knitting and blogging about it and being resinspired to knit and blogging some more.  (Oh readership, your RSS feeds might light on fire.)  I might run out of yarn.  I’ll get more yarn.  I’m going to earn that gold medal.

  • David

    Woot! At this rate I will be warm while it’s still cold!

  • juniperjune

    ooh, nice! what yarn are you using? i like the blue/gray!

  • Lisa

    So I was knitting in my blue bedroom, which makes everything look bluer, so the colors are actually a bit more gray/green than they looked (especially in natural light). I’m using (ooh, splurge) Jade Sapphire SIlk/Cashmere (55% silk, 45% cashmere). The colors here are Mangrove (colorway #119) and Critical Moss (colorway #108), held together and knitted on #7s (I think #8s might be more appropriate for a tight knitter like me, but it’s knitting into such a cushy warm fabric that I’m okay with it, and it should block out a bit). I should actually add the projects I’m actually working on to Ravelry! It should be easier now that I found my ball bands…

    I also am really enjoying knitting men’s scarves, so I might make another one for David, afterwards. (I’ll probably go for this honeycomb scarf, since I worship the hell out of Jared Flood’s knitting and I already bought the book.)

  • juniperjune

    ooh, awesome! i just bought my first skein of jade sapphire on my recent trip to austin: it’s their mongolian cashmere in a dark gold/brown color and i want to marry it. it’ll be featured on my blog sooner or later.

  • Lisa

    The only problem with Jade Sapphire? It’s really addicting. The colors, the textures… I think I might have to knit that next scarf out of it, too. Oh, my poor, poor student loans…

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