My newest knitting malady is wanting to knit everything I see anyone wearing around.  Braided-cable-hat?  Ooh, I bet I could knit that!  I should cast on!  Striped sweater hung inside-out on the coat rack hanging from the door of our office?  Hmm, how is that seamed?  It only looks like a sixe XXXL, I bet I could make that in, um, a few…months?

It doesn’t take too long before I’m completely overwhelmed and NEVER GOING TO KNIT A STITCH AGAIN BECAUSE I CAN’T KNIT EVERYTHING.  Why can’t I afford a knitting machine (which I’m not sure I even really want in my saner times, since really, I knit because I like to knit)?  Why don’t I have two extra pairs of arms so I can knit and study and eat dinner all at the same time?  Why don’t I have infinite free time so I can knit everything this season now now now? (Never mind the fact that if I had a lot of free time my projects would probably stall even harder.)

I think what I really want is to finish a few projects so I can feel like I’ve gotten something done, but I’m also resisting finishing projects for some reason (possibly related to the hated WEAVING IN OF THE ENDS).  Really, a half hour of work would create a finished scarf and hat.  I could get so many brownie points towards ending the yarn diet!

So my goal for tonight is to work on something more finishable-in-the-short-term than the Girasole, as much as I love the Girasole.  The Girasole w0n’t be finished tonight and it won’t be finished until I order more of those foam blocking pads because it is going to be way, way, way, (and did I say WAY?) too large for my current ones.  So, tonight: scarf or hat.  Then tomorrow I’ll take pictures for the blog if the sun cooperates.  There.  And I’ll wind the yarn for David’s scarf so he can stop having blue fuzz on his neck from his old one.  And I’ll probably watch more of the world’s stupidest TV fantasy series and not feel guilty becuase dammit, I’m getting knitting done!

Note: There are no comments on this entry because for some reason it was attracting a hideous amount of canned ham product (I’m superstitious about  even naming it here).  Comment on another one if you have something to say for some reason. :)

  • juniperjune

    fyi, i’m just planning to block my girasole directly on the carpet of my living room. of course, this might not be an option for you if you don’t have a carpet. but i fully support abandoning projects that you aren’t into; there’s no reason for knitting to become a chore!

  • Lisa

    Sadly for knitting (but happily for my allergies) we don’t have any carpet at all. I guess I could block it in my parents’ house on Long Island, but my cat (who currently lives there) would probably think it’s a toy. Plus, there’s something pretty fun about building a blocking board from the foam things. (Maybe I should have a childhood regression party with blocks and play dough and crayons some time, but that’s a different story.)

    As for the other projects… they’re actually fun to work on (except for the hated weaving in of ends!) and pretty to look at so I’m not sure why I’m procrastinating on them. Probably it’s the weaving in. I’ll go through a lot of objectively-more-work convolutions to avoid weaving in ends. Giving up on projects I don’t like any more is a good idea, though. I might pull out some of the shockingly old incomplete projects from my stash and frog them for yarn since for the most part the yarn is perfectly good.

    I think also organization might help? Like, if I sorted out projects into ziplock baggies with all the stuff needed for them and then shoved them places they’d be useful (like into a purse or in my bag for school or the like) based on size, I might work on the random assorted problems more.

    Er, sorry for overusing your comment for an increasingly-less-related reply!

  • David

    Sounds like game development! I have a million game ideas, why bother spending a couple years making just one of them?

  • Lisa


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