I’ve been absent for too long. To break the ice, here are some photos of things I’ve made since I was last here. There’s a bit more, but it’s not easily convenient and I’m posting this right away so it actually happens.

So that’s what I’ve been working on.  I’ll dig up some more or maybe even do some more detailed posts soon.  I’m taking a weaving class on Wednesdays now, which is extremely fun.  I also finished school.  I’m supposed to be studying for my boards which is… challenging.  I want to learn all crafts.

  • http://doublepointed.wordpress.com juniperjune

    yay, your abrazo came out awesomely! i love that colorway. is that thing with all the hooks a loom?? interesting! i can’t quite tell what’s going on with all the giant-knitting, but i’m intrigued.

    and yeah, now that there’s the differently-shaped clapotis i feel like my prejudice can be overcome and i could imagine knitting one. yours looks great! (a few years ago, as you may recall, everybody in the entire knitting world knit a clapotis and i felt like i had to say “not me” — not unlike how i felt about the new kids on the block back in elementary school.)

  • http://www.kniteven.com Lisa

    Thanks! I looooove that abrazo and want to bead everything (working on a beaded mystery KAL right now).

    The hooks-thing is a knitting machine. I’m having to leave mine behind in New York for now but if I ever get a larger apartment in California I’m going to set up some studio space and FIGURE THEM OUT (even if I have to hire a knitting machine tutor). They are so different from hand knitting!

    And thanks about the clapotis, also! I went for “unconventional yarn choices” for mine, which made it super squishy.

    (I’m trying to get back into the blogging world, hence the reply to the suuuper old comment.)

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