Oh, the humanity.

A few weeks back, I had some friends over who AMAZINGLY offered to help me organize my knitting stash, which had taken over a large closet in a rather unpleasant way.

Yeah, it was that bad.

Oh, the humanity.

In the process of trying to to get my images to a reasonable size, I’m using an image editor ( pixlr ) that’s amusing me.

I’d intended to get rid of these swatches, so I took a picture to preserve the idea of them, but I couldn’t bear to throw them away in the end. I’m thinking of trying to find some super cheap frames and making some “art” to decorate my yarn closet. As sad as it is to decorate my stash before I decorate the rest of the apartment…

All different shapes and sizes! Different stitch patterns taken from that perpetual calendar that every knitter seems to have.

So we emptied everything out:

We used David's office to stage everything.

My guardian angels, Jenn and Britt, got goofy and snarky:

You be goofy, I'll be snarky.

Yarn got sorted by color:

This yarn looked untouchable packed in a garbage bag. Out in the open, it's nothing short of delicious.

Other yarn finally left home and found a new place to live, where perhaps it could finally be loved:

I say goodbye, you say hello (to some yarn).

And my closet has a floor:

You can see it and vacuum it and everything! It's not actually dingy; dunno why this picture pretends it is.

I made some attempts at panoramic shots to show how amazingly better it became:

Panorama of closet.

I can just go into my stash now and pick whatever I need. The drawers are sorted by yarn weight. The Palette is sorted by general color family for now and I can easily sort things more thoroughly later. My yarn closet is a happy, serene place. I owe Brittany and Jenn a LOT, and I hope dinner and yarn went a small way towards expressing that gratitude. (I was in a flutter of panic at the thought of doing it on my own and throughout much of the cleaning itself. The snark and silliness helped a lot.)

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