Yarn ball man stabbed by knitting needles and bleeding yarn

A good way to express your anger at unruly knitting projects?

I’ve enjoyed this image since it made the rounds of the knitterly internet some time ago.  I hope the creator will make prints available at some point.  I guess I could buy the book, but I really see this as decoration for my (imaginary, future) craft area.

I feel like if I were to knit chair socks, people would look at me like my knitting habit had gotten quite out of hand.  Yet, Charles and Marie, which at least comes across as a fancy-schmancy stuff for people with lots of money website, is selling these “Chair Personality Socks” as their deal of the day (or Soupe Du Jour as they call it).

Still, I can’t help but find them juuust charming enough that I’m tempted to throw caution to the wind and knit some socks for chairs.
Available (once the shop recovers from being boingboinged) on Etsy
You know that I need one, right?

(Ooh, my first reposted/not-just-me-talking content!  Via boingboing)

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